About Us

Ecopress Sdn Bhd

In today’s fast-paced world where everything is going digital, print remains to play an important role in most companies. There will always be certain information that are still preferred in print compared to digital. Having your company’s information such as in business cards and brochures, display professionalism and gives a quick first impression to your clients on your business. Here is where we at Ecopress, deliver excellent graphic quality, accuracy, efficiency and reliability to help you make a first impression that will last.

We provide some of the finest printing solutions in the market that gives printing a competitive advantage by offering the readers a sensory experience. Your clients will be able to capture and retain your business information better thanks to physical interaction. Established in 1995, Ecopress has the experience and expertise to handle all your unique requirements. Our printing facility is located in Ara Damansara, housing state-of-the-art offset printing machines and latest graphic design software. Our services include offset printing, inkjet printing, solvent printing, digital printing, silkscreen printing, brochures, flyers, catalogues, business cards and graphic design. We also offer personalized premium gifts that allow our clients to express their creativity and emotions through items which are great to be presented on various occasions.

From the point of receiving a project, our personal sales consultant will assist you in customizing your business needs to achieve the end result that you desire. You can expect unrivalled digital image quality from us. Don’t just take our word, visit us and see to believe – we have high quality samples that will amaze and inspire you. We are able to deliver high-volume printing jobs with efficiency. We exceed your expectations by fulfilling your critical turnarounds with our persistent commitment to on-time delivery. Depending on the volume, we guarantee same-day delivery for most of the requests. Much of our success is attributed to our capability in delivering urgent demands in a timely manner.


We are committed to continuously providing you with exceptional quality printing solutions with quick turnaround time. We also prioritize business and technology understanding to continue to deliver the results and benefits that our clients expect. We will ensure that R & D efforts on green products and technology are constantly pursued. We will be able to help reduce environmental footprint through our efficient processes and usage of various eco-friendly products. We are also committed to reducing pollution by emphasizing on reducing, reusing and recycling throughout our company.


“Making the world a greener place through high aspirations.”

To be regarded as one of the leading companies in the printing solutions industry.