G We advocate the concept of “Go Green” through our usage of soy ink and recycled materials for our premium gifts. Using soy ink is not only cost-effective, it also helps save the environment in the long run. It is eco-friendly and a renewable source, unlike petroleum and other properties contained in conventional inks. Soy ink also produces much more vibrant colours, giving your prints and company logo a much more attractive look. Soy ink is not only better for the environment, it’s also better for humans too, as it is low in Volatile Organic Compounds. High levels as found in petroleum-based inks may cause health issues in the future.

What happens if we don’t go green?

We are slowly destroying the earth if we don’t recycle paper, plastic, glass, etc. These discarded materials, along with other rubbish will form trash mountains and take up additional land space each year. Our increased consumption and usage of non-eco-friendly products will increase pollution and release large amounts of toxic substances into the enviroment. More trees will be chopped down to make paper, depriving wildlife or their natural habitat, and less oxygen will be produced. The amount of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere will also increase, causing the catastrophic global warming. Stop damaging the environment – every little “Go Green” effort you put in will help conserve nature and its resources for generations to come.